Hotel FF&E Installations

Planning the opening of a new hotel is an endeavor which requires timeliness, organization, and the ability to handle many details with ease. From initially receiving the furnishings to being ready for opening day, we handle every detail of the process, including warehouse storage, and having a professionally trained team willing to go the extra mile. Unique Deliveries provides full-service hospitality logistic services, including onsite installation from transportation, and onsite installation of new furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

Our hotel experience began in 2008 with our first full hotel installation in the Zermatt Resort in Heber, Utah. Since then, we’ve worked with hotel developers and operators who have opened well-known brands such as Embassy Suites, Hilton, Courtyard Marriott, Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott, and more. While most of the hotel installations happen within Utah, we are willing to travel and manage hotel installations throughout the US.

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Here’s the Unique Delivery difference:

Partnership, Communication, and Responsibility

When we work with a hotel developer and operations team on a new hotel construction or renovation, our key is to work in partnership with you. We stand by our reputation for being responsible, and to successfully pay attention to all the details. Our goal is clear communication and planning that is built on trust.

Timeliness, On Time Schedules, and Flexibility

We understand that an on time hotel opening is the ultimate goal, and we’re willing to be flexible with you. An important key to managing hotel installation projects is timeliness. We know that schedules will change. Our goal is to accommodate the timing and coordinate the details so your hotel opens on time with ease and professionalism. We’ve worked after hours, late nights, and even holidays to ensure our hotel developers open on time. We know that if your hotel doesn’t open on time, that you face financial repercussions.

Project Management and Punch List Coordination

With large hotel installation projects, the planning begins the moment we have your bid documents in hand. We prepare our experienced team of installation experts and prepare warehouse space for every piece of furniture and fixture.

When it comes to the actual installation, we plan to exceed your expectations and manage the multitude of details, including the furnishings for guest rooms, seating areas, lobbies, and restaurants, and the many different fixtures that go with each hotel. Our precise execution stems from our experienced onsite management which ensures that each punch list is completed.

From organizing the furnishings and fixtures to following the room plans and ensuring that each piece of furniture, wall art, TV, and equipment are placed in the correct location, Unique Deliveries handles it all. We are fully insured to hang artwork, and our team is trained to assemble large furnishings.

Warehouse Storage

Large FF&E installations require warehouse storage. You can ship the entire lot of hotel furnishing and fixtures to our secure warehouse. We offer short and long term storage and can accommodate any project size.

We’ll receive the shipments, and then inspect each box to ensure that the furnishings are in good shape. If we notice a damaged box, we’ll open it and review the contents.

Transportation Services

We can transport the furniture from our warehouse to the hotel.

Affordable Pricing for FF&E Installations

We work to provide you with affordable and competing pricing that meets the needs and budget of your FF&E and hotel furniture installation projects. Our goal is to work with you to meet your project financial goals and to exceed your execution expectations.

Professional Team

For every hotel and FF&E installation project, our team of trained and experienced installers manage every detail of room-to-room installations and punch list coordination. Our professionals are considerate, polite, and attentive to the project details. Our team is fully trained to comply with the FF&E requirements and standards. We strive to make the installation process and sequenced site delivery fulfillment as efficient as possible while meeting your schedule and minimizing disruptions to you and your guests.

Online Inventory

As FF&E furniture is received at our warehouse, we upload the complete inventory to our online portal. This portal provides you with 24/7 access for viewing and managing your inventory and for ensuring accuracy.